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Medatek Nahariya – Cultural Center for study and leisure serves all the residents of the city and attracts many visitors for every part of Israel and from abroad. The new and magnificent complex that covers 5,000 meters is found at the center of a sculpture garden that stretches over 15 dunams of land

The Municipal Library is located in the Medatek. The various branches of the library are housed on three floors according to categories

The Municipal Library was founded in 1946, and subsequently moved to a number of buildings until being relocated in Medatek, it's present home. During 2016 the library will be marking its seventieth anniversary as the city's library: 70 years of encouraging reading, supporting study, and offering high-quality cultural programs for the general public

The Municipal Library of Nahariya is one of the most advanced in Israel. The spacious and pleasant structure offers visitors a variety of programs for the purposes of study and leisure. Built into the library are unique technological tools that are especially suitable for it. The rich and attractive Multimedia Library allows library patrons to play video games, including virtual reality games; watch films; listen to music and read books in an electronic format. In the Book Room it is possible to view a book that is accompanied by audiovisual effects or play interactive games of light, voice and pictures. In the Toddlers' Library the children can listen to stories whose words emerge from a multimedia armchair and enjoy Story Room, using interactive books with special effects and games to developing thinking skills

Children play with video games in the multimedia library. It is possible to see
beathtaking wall paintings of the artist Hillel Lazrov , in the Multimedia Library and on the wall at the entrance to the Story Room

The book collection includes a Reference Library. There are books in seven languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French, German, Romanian and Spanish

The library offers readers resources of information and books in a digital format for use in the library

In a separate section, there is a rich collection of about the Torah is available for our readers. Here it is possible to use digital resources to study the treasures and our Sages and Project Responsa

A"A library card is a card for success" ( from the  Library song). Our library card will enable you to borrow books at a self- service checkout computer that is located on the library's ground floor; you can play video games in the Multimedia Library; you can have access to a number of resources and can get permission to watch quality films at home for free


The library also offers cultural programs for the entire family: story hours and plays, creative and informational workshops, appearances by literary figures book and poetry readings, creative writing and lectures on a variety of subjects

A book presentation by the writer Eschol Nevo and the musician Amir Lev, Took place in January 2016

Summer Reading Program - During the summer vacation in July and August, the library offers unique programs to encourage reading for children who have finished grades 1- 6

The Sculpture Garden surrounding the library is rich in greenery and has lovely corners for enjoyment and rest. In the Sculpture Garden as well as within the Medatec building, there are artworks by the best artists in Israel. These works presented relate to the special qualities of the city, the history and geography of the area and contain motifs that give expression to the programs that Medatek offers such as music and reading

In the Sculpture Garden and in the building itself, the work of the following artists is exhibited: Gad Olman, Elan, Orboch, Naomi Betar, Reuven Gvati, David Grestein, Varda Gavoli, Uri Dushi, Yakov Chefetz, Ori Lipshitz, Le Rimon, Aviva Samar




Derech HaAtsma'ut,  Har Tavor St. Nahariya, Israel

Sunday-Thursday 9:00-12:45
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur 15:00-18:45
Friday 10:00-11:45
Phone: +04-9855000


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